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Tools and Training

* Intended for UCSF domain users only
Search Tools


PMM Item Search Tool *


This web-based search tool allows you to find items based on whole or partial manufacturer and/or vendor catalog numbers, without having to know the formatting rules (i.e. punctuation). There is also an option to search for items based on the item description. You can choose to include many different item attributes and information, including packaging, priceing, and usage information. Results can be exported to Excel for further analysis.


PMM Order Search Tool *


This tool allows you to search for the status of your order and contact the assigned buyer .


PMM Item Formulary List *

Provides complete listing of all PMM cataloged items loaded in the PICIS virtual inventory locations and associated with OR cost centers. This report is provided in Excel format and is over 40 MB in size.

Meditech to PMM Item Crosswalk


Download a spreadsheet of Meditech Items and its PMM equivalent.

Meditech to PMM Vendor Crosswalk


Download a spreadsheet of Meditech Vendors and its PMM equivalent.

How do I check the status of my order?

How do I open a system support ticket?

Education and Training

PMM Basic Requisition Training


This video will cover the basics requirements for creating PMM electronic requisitions.

Capital & Contract Electronic Requisition Training *

This slide deck will cover the basic requirements for creating a Capital & Contract requisition.


Office Depot *

This video will cover the basic requirements for ordering office supplies.


Dell Ordering Instructions

Provides ordering instructions for Dell computer.



Supply Chain Reports On Demand *

Contains a collection of always-available, on-demand reports. No special user id is required, just use your  Windows network user id and password to access the system. Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis.


Crystal Reports Enterprise *


Certain custom reports are made available, on-demand, via Crystal Reports. For a brief introduction to using the BO Infoview, click here.(PDF file). Requires a Crystal Reports user ID. Email Parviz Alinejad if you require login assistance.

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