Electronic Requisition Using DocuSign

PLEASE READ: Important announcement of ContracKing, our new and improved contract management tool built on Salesforce, releasing May 25, 2020 (CLICK TO VIEW DOCUMENT)

Pre-Req Checklist
  1. Know your cost center(s) and expense code(s)

  2. If purchase will be > $100k , please complete a SSPR form (Source Justification & Price Reasonableness) and attach it to the Req (for guidance, see Instructions & FAQ)

  3. If UCSF data is involved, please categorize your data (https://www.supplychain-ucsfhealth.org/privacydatasecurity)

  4. Attach the applicable quote, contract, or any underlying documentation for background context

  5. If it is a renewal or extension of an existing contract/purchase order, please specify the current PO# on the Req and attach the previous signed contract

For further guidance on the Req Form, including a Definitions List and FAQ, please click here.


Step 1
Choose and Fill out the Appropriate Form

Contract Purchases*

*For contracts with no associated dollar amount (i.e. Affiliation Agreements, MOUs, UCSF as the service provider), please select "Contract Form 1."

Step 2
Enter the PowerForm Signer Information


  1. Enter your name and email address as the 'Person Completing Form'.

  2. Enter the name(s) and email address(es) of those who will review, approve and sign the form according to stated roles. All roles are required for the selected form. Note: Please make sure to enter the name and email address of the individual as they appear in the UCSF Directory.

  3. Do NOT make any changes to the Purchasing Manager and Buyer information.

  4. After entering the required names and email addresses, click 'Begin Signing'.

Step 3
Fill out the Purchase Requisition Form


  1. Click 'Continue' to fill out the Purchase Requisition form.

  2. While filling out the form, if you have to stop and continue at a later time, click 'Other Actions' at the top of web page and select 'Finish Later' to save your progress.

  3. When ready to submit form for approval signatures, click 'Finish'.

Frequently Asked Questions

DocuSign Requisition

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is UCSF’s electronic signature solution. Refer to IT’s webpage on Electronic Signature for more information. Procurement Services is leveraging DocuSign’s functionality for submitting electronic Requisitions.

What are DocuSign Requisition PowerForms?

DocuSign Requisition PowerForms are self-service documents which you can access, complete, and submit Purchase Requisition forms for Contracts & Capital Purchases on demand. DocuSign Requisition PowerForms replace the paper-based “Paper Requisitions”. End-users can now fill out the DocuSign Requisition PowerForms online, and electronically submit for approvals and for processing by Procurement Services. Workflow is built into the DocuSign Requisition PowerForms.

What is an envelope?

DocuSign calls each document transaction (e.g. Requisition) processed through its application an envelope.

What is the DocuSign Envelope ID?

The DocuSign Envelope ID is a long, unique identifier generated for each envelope by the DocuSign system.


How do I log into DocuSign to view or return to my Requisition?

You can log in to DocuSign from MyAccess or from the DocuSign login page - https://www.docusign.net/. If you log in from the DocuSign login page, you will be prompted to enter your UCSF email address and then you will be directed to log on to MyAccess if you do not already have a current MyAccess session.

How do I know if the assigned recipients of my Requisition has access to DocuSign?

Everyone at UCSF should have an UCSF DocuSign account.

PowerForm Signer Information

I clicked ‘Begin Signing’ but it won’t do anything

Be sure that all roles have been entered with the appropriate names and email addresses before clicking ‘Begin Signing’. Do not leave any roles blank.

Whose name and email address do I enter for Capital Accounting on the Capital Purchase PowerForms?

Enter Todd Myers (Todd.Myers@ucsf.edu).

What do I do if my department’s first approval level has delegated authority to sign for a higher dollar value? For example, I want to submit a Requisition for services valued at $45,000. I choose “Contract Form 2 – value less than $50K” which requires two approving signatures but my department director signs all Requisitions for up to $50K.

Because it is required to enter the names and email addresses for all roles on the selected form, you will need to enter the name and email address of that same individual in each required role according to his/her delegated dollar value. In your example, you should enter your department director in both roles, Approving Manager and Approving Director, which will prompt your department director to sign twice.

How do I correct an error in the PowerForm Signer information after I clicked ‘Begin Signing’?

Refer to DocuSign “Correcting an Envelope”. Note that you will be allowed to make corrections only if the envelope is currently with you.

How do I correct an error after I click ‘Finish’?

Depending on the nature of the error, one of the following options may be necessary:

  1. Until March 30, 2018, please contact Sandy Macasieb (Sandy.Macasieb@ucsf.edu) to assist in making the correction.
  2. Effective April 1, 2018, please contact Brian Leonard (Brian.Leonard@ucsf.edu) to assist in making the correction.
  3. Submit a ticket to the IT Service Desk for assistance from the DocuSign Administrator.
  4. Restart the DocuSign PowerForm process.

What happens if I misspelled or incorrect email address in one of the specified roles?

The Requisition will fail and be undeliverable when it routes to that misspelled or incorrect email address. Until March 30, 2018, you may contact Sandy Macasieb (Sandy.Macasieb@ucsf.edu) to assist in making the correction. Effective April 1, 2018, please contact Brian Leonard (Brian.Leonard@ucsf.edu). Or submit a ticket to the IT Service Desk for assistance from the DocuSign Administrator.

Why is it that I don’t show up as the Sender if I am the one completing the form?

DocuSign only allows a single person to be the Sender for all DocuSign Requisition PowerForms. For now, Sandra Macasieb is set up as the Sender. Effective April 1, 2018, Brian Leonard will be the Sender. The Sender has the options to manage the envelope (e.g. correct, void, change, etc.) at any time during the DocuSign process. See above Q&A regarding correcting an envelope.

Requisition Form

Where can I find instructions on how to fill out the form?

Refer to the UCSF Supply Chain Management Tools & Training website.

What is an expense code?

An expense code is a financial account code that classifies the type or category of expense (e.g. Supplies, Instruments, Services, etc.). Please contact your department finance manager or director for the correct expense code to use for your requisition or refer to this list of expense codes used or referenced by the Accounting Dept.

How do I submit multiple Requisitions for the same product and/or service?

Refer to DocuSign “Cloning an Envelope”. Cloning will make a copy of the envelope, which contains all of the same uploaded files, recipients, and signing fields. You can clone any envelope you created that is either in progress, completed, or voided. However, please note that the contents of your Requisition form will not be copied.

Saving a Draft of the DocuSign Requisition

How do I save the DocuSign Requisition as a draft if I’m not ready to submit for approvals?

When signing, you can find the FINISH LATER option in the "OTHER ACTIONS" menu. The FINISH LATER option lets you exit the signing process, while saving the information you have entered (signatures and initials are not saved). You can return to finish signing the Requisition later by using the link in the email notification. If a signer has a DocuSign account, they can also access the Requisition through their account.

Requisition Status

How can I find a specific Requisition?

Locate an envelope or Requisition by one of the following:

  1. Refer to DocuSign “Locate Envelopes”; or
  2. Search by using the DocuSign Envelope ID. Refer to DocuSign “How can I find an envelope in my account using the envelope ID”; or
  3. Search by any word(s) in the subject heading; or
  4. Use the Filter functionality.

How do I track the status of my Requisition?

Refer to DocuSign “Envelope Status”. This feature will show you who has signed the Requisition, who currently has it, who is still waiting to sign or take action, and when each signer has received, viewed and signed.

How do I cancel or void my Requisition?

Refer to DocuSign “Void (Cancel) Envelopes”

Sending Copies of DocuSign Requisition

How do I send a copy of the completed Requisition to everyone who has signed it?Top of Form

All signers or recipients of the completed Requisition should receive a notice of completion for any
Requisition in which they were involved. The default is that both sender and signers will receive the completion notice. The completion email will always contain a link to the completed envelope, where users can view and download the completed documents. Signers can also access the document through their DocuSign account.

Can I “cc” to someone to receive a copy only but who will not sign?

No, the “cc” role is not included in the locked DocuSign Requisition templates. To send a copy of the Requisition to non-signers, download and save as a pdf document at any point in the process to send via email.

How do I download a copy of the Requisition?

Refer to DocuSign “Download or Print Documents”. It is strongly recommended that documents are not printed but saved electronically to your computer.

For More Information

Where can I find helpful tutorials on the UCSF DocuSign?

Refer to the UCSF Electronic Signature website for Tutorials.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the DocuSign Requisition PowerForms?

Contact Sandy Macasieb of Procurement Services at sandy.macasieb@ucsf.edu.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with DocuSign?

Contact the IT Service Desk at ITServiceDesk@ucsf.edu.